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blue starr art title with feathered peacock snake with blue ringed octopus tentacle and winged lizard with fish fins and cephalopod suckers

Hiya, I'm Starr. I'm a Rochester, NY area native and currently work with a fantastic crew at White Tiger Tattoo. I've been tattooing since 1999, painting since 2007. I enjoy drawing strange animal mashups and play-on-words.

My art is the physical manifestation of letting my mind wander with a pencil in hand. Everyone has bizarre and strange thoughts, most of us dismiss them with a chuckle or a head shake. I draw them.

It's not unusual for one of my pieces to be based on a conversation, or even a phrase I've heard. Often this happens at work, the crew at White Tiger all have their own flavor of quirky, it's like working in a soup of ideas.

"Starr's art is an enchanting adventure blending vibrant color and playful imagination."

"With a passion for packing original spirit and bright palates into each piece, Starr's works are immediately recognizable for her captivating signature style."

Chris Clemens - Exploring Upstate

Random Snippets

  • addicted to decaf coffee
  • mortal enemy of lawns
  • thinks Hamlet is hilarious